Skilled Workers Visa


Skilled Workers Visa

The skilled people who want to migrate have to apply for Skilled migration visa that is generally based on the skills or education background of the applicant. The visa helps to target the skilled people who want to make their career in different countries and like to make contribution in that country’s economy. To meet up for the application, the candidates undergoes certain point tests and it is important to qualify for a skilled permanent resident policy.

The skilled people are assessed on the basis of AGE, OCCUPATION and language like ENGLISH. The applicant may also apply by giving the proof of their relative who is the native in the country, by issuing their proof ids and status. The skilled applicant also requires medicinal checks before the permanent residential visa is not approved. The skilled applicants have the legacy for permanent resident for specified no. of years and then can be a citizen of that country.

Federal Skilled Workers Program 2015:-

Canada Federal skilled workers is most popular Canada Immigration program designed by the government to provide permanent settlement option for people on the basis of their abilities and skills. It is a point based visa which requires you to earn or score at least 67 points to qualify.

 Australia Immigration:-

Permanent Residency allows people across the world to enter and settle in Australia permanently and enjoy the rights and privileges in the country without being its citizen.
Permanent residency program/ General skilled migration (GSM) visa program is for the people who are not sponsored by the employer and have their own skills in a particular occupation required in Australia.

New Zealand Skilled Visa:-

The Skilled Migrant Category is for you if you are looking to move permanently to New Zealand. This category is used by the New Zealand Government to fill skill shortages throughout the country.
To be eligible to apply for residence under SMC you need to be 55 years of age or under at the time you apply, be healthy, of good character and speak English.
The SMC is a point’s based system. The first step towards making an application, if you qualify, is to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), in which you claim points for your skills and experience. New Zealand Immigration will examine your application and invite you to apply (ITA) if you meet the necessary criteria. You make the application using information you provided in your EOI with additional evidence, such as police certificates, proof of English language ability and documents that validate your skills.
New Zealand Immigration will use this information to assess the relevance of your skills and experience and your ability to settle in New Zealand.

 Why choose New Zealand?

Because Surveys have been frequently proving that New Zealanders enviable work life balance is excellent. The 2014 survey by Mercer, the global HR consultants, again ranked Auckland third in the world for ‘Quality of Living’, after Vienna and Zurich, and first in Asia Pacific and Australasia. The UN has ranked New Zealand 6th out of 187 countries on its latest human development Index. Crime rates are lower in New Zealand than in other major countries of the world; it is also privileged as the third safest country in the globe.

Hong Kong Skilled Visa:-

If you wish to work in Hong Kong one of the most successful economies in Asia, it may be worth considering a Hong Kong skilled immigration programme. There are a number of options available if you have the right skills and experience and wish to live and work in Hong Kong: the General Employment Policy (GEP) program for skilled workers with a job offer, the Immigration arrangement for non local graduates-IANG and, the General Points Test (GPT).

 Why Hong Kong is Popular Immigration Destination?

  • Hong Kong has a highly developed, capitalist and most freest economy in the world.
  • Hong Kong is a leading centre for international finance and trade.
  • The Government here favors the industrial development and growth.
  • It was ranked second in the Ease of Doing Business Index in the world.
  • Highly Developed Transportation Network facilitates the workers, businessmen and the people in general.
  • Hong Kong dollar, is one of the most traded currencies in the world
  • The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the seventh largest Stock Exchange in the world.
  • Hong Kong laws provide high level of civil liberties.
  • The basic law here guarantees the high degree of religious freedom; hence it welcomes the individuals with diverse, culture, religion, and customs.
  • It is considered as a centre of modern architecture, and one of the world’s most vertical cities.

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