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Why Study in NEW ZEALAND

New Zealand is a cost effective alternative to the UK or Australia. It is a good option for students seeking outdoor adventure in an English speaking country. New Zealand is a welcoming nation offering a warm student friendly environment.

Study in New Zealand can be a life changing experience for you. Educational institutions in New Zealand offer a wide variety of courses and New Zealand welcomes international students at all of its institutions and It is gradually drawing itself towards the center stage of international education. The education model adopted by New Zealand has fundamental principles taken from the UK institutions and hence is research and practical oriented.

Accommodation in New Zealand

Multiple accommodation options are available to students that include on campus stay, home stay with a local family or off campus accommodation in a rented flat usually shared by friends or acquaintances. Halls of Residence are generally located a short walk from campus where the rooms are single or twin-share, with communal laundry, lounge room and dining hall. Meals are usually provided, and all dietary needs can be catered for. Rental accommodation is generally clustered around colleges and universities, but flats can be found in most city suburbs.

Like any other country including India, the cost of living in metro cities is higher as compared to the regional areas of New Zealand. For example the cost of living in Auckland will be higher than that in Hamilton. The average costs of living in New Zealand would range between $ 15000- $ 20000

Cost of Studying in New Zealand

Costs of studying abroad are an important factor in choosing your study destination. This section familiarizes you with the cost of higher education in New Zealand. When you compare the education costs in New Zealand to the US or the UK, it is quite affordable.

The fees at the universities are calculated on a per course/paper or per point basis and may vary according to selection.

  • Polytechnic Courses these range from NZ$10,000 – NZ$15,000 per year depending on the course or degree
  • University Degrees from NZ$18,000 – NZ$25,000 per year for most under-graduate degrees
  • Post-graduate Degrees NZ$ 40,000
  • Courses in Medicine & Engineering may be more depending on the university & City.

New Zealand Admission

To be eligible to study in New Zealand as a student your course must meet the New Zealand requirements for international students. Universities prefer applicants with very good academic background and decent scores in TOEFL or IELTS. Main intake every year commences in Jun-July,Dec-Jan. June and July to Nov.

Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics have two semesters – February to – with holidays similar to secondary schools. Some half-year courses start in July.
Each university has its own timetable but generally the year is split into 2 semesters of about 12 weeks each, with a 2-week break during the semester and a 6-week break in the middle of the year. The breaks are not necessarily holidays – you may need the time for research and study.

Top Universities & Colleges in New Zealand

New Zealand University and colleges are growing in the following areas of study: Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine, Applied & Pure Sciences, Architecture & Construction, Engineering, Creative Arts & Design, Education & Training, Health & Medicine, Fitness & Personal Care and Travel & Hospitality.


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