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Canada is one of the world’s top immigration destinations with over 200,000 new arrivals coming under the Canada immigration system every year. Deciding to immigrate to Canada is a significant step in the lives of those who pursue this dream. The Canada immigration visa section of our website has been created to help those seeking to live and work in Canada. Using Maple Fly Canadian immigration lawyer can play an important role in obtaining your Canadian visa and starting a new life. Immigration to Canada based on the skilled worker category, is a very popular visa programme and is intended for people with high levels of skills and experience. Canadian immigration also includes a special visa category for business immigrants. Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Canadian Government’s Immigration Department, also allows the province of Quebec to select immigrants. Just as importantly, 40 percent of the annual immigration to Canada is under the family reunion and refugee programs. On 1st January 2015, Canada launched its new Express Entry program, aimed at improving the visa selection process for permanent residency and speeding up decision times to six months or less.



Impressed and convinced that Canada immigration makes sense, and this is the country wherein you would like to shift to with your dear and near ones? If YES, now it’s time to embark on your journey.

Begin with getting in touch with Maple Fly — the highly trusted and famed visa and immigration group. Start your application process with Maple Fly Let them help you with your Canada immigration and visa process.  This renowned consultancy’s role as your immigration guide begins from the point where in your qualifications & CV is positively assesses by our competent and skilled immigration consultants.

Right from the beginning to the final stage, we pull out all stops to make the whole immigration procedure as smooth as possible for you. Just fill-in our Canadian Visa Assessment Form, absolutely free, and we would tell you wherein you stand or how bright are your chances of Canada immigration. If you do not wish to submit the form and wish to speak in confidence, just speak to one of our business managers and get their advice on phone or in person.

What does Canada offers to Skilled Workers, Businessmen & International Students?

  • What’s there for Skilled Workers: Canada offers plethora of employment opportunities to the foreign skilled workers across its various provinces and industries, in view of skill shortage in the country. There are number, which are highly in demand in Canada, i.e. Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Construction works, Service Sector, etc. The federal government has done the classifications of occupations in the country, as per the Skill levels, i.e. NOC (National Occupational Classification) of skill levels (Skill 0, A, B, etc.) and accordingly it invites the overseas skilled workers through FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) stream of Express Entry and via other Canada Provincial Nominee Program of various provinces.
  • Businessmen & Investors: There are various business immigration programs in Canada to attract foreign investment in the country. Most of these business immigration programs offer Canada Permanent Residency  to the applicants, along with their families. The interested applicants need to invest certain amount in the country and also require meeting the basic criteria of the program. The business visas are the key source of creating jobs in Canada through investment and also providing significant support and contribution to Canadian economy and development.
  • International Students: Canada is known for its world class education system. It is also a home to world’s most prestigious and popular Universities, which offer quality education and vast number of academic and vocational courses. The peaceful, safe, and ideal study environment in Canada attracts tens of thousands of international students here every year. Recently, Canadian government has announced to ease the immigration, in order to help them get Canada PR visa and citizenship  . The overseas students are also considered as the potential workforce to fill the skill gaps across various industries in Canada.


 What are the Immigration Programs in Canada?

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched many immigrant friendly immigration programs to allow the quality immigrants in the country.

Maple Fly offers services Canada Immigration and visa services for all popular Canada permanent residency options such as:

Call the Canada visa expert at Maple Fly on contact no. 011- 43511747 or inclusive immigration support or fill the free assessment form to get a call from expert with assessment of your profile.

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