Canada Permanent Resident visa

canada PR visa

Canada Permanent Resident visa

Canada Permanent Residence (PR) Visa is a prized visa. It’s the special visa of one of the most developed and successful global economies.

It’s the visa that allows you to stay in the famed overseas hotspot for 5 years permanently, and do a job without any restrictions whatsoever.

It’s a visa that paves the way for you to the nation’s prized citizenship after staying there for just 3 years.

It’s the visa that allows you to enjoy the country’s first-rate healthcare and educational facilities almost free.

It’s the visa that helps your family & kids enjoy the best facilities available in one of the safest countries of the world.

Does this all sound too good to you? Would you now like to apply for this prized visa to join the Canada immigration bandwagon and make your & your family’s life better?

Well, the Immigration, Refuges and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) offers numerous good and fast-track PR Vis options. Canada Express Entry Program, Canada Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) these are just some of them.

The good news: Ottawa has plans to accept more than 1 million new immigrants in the next three years.

Benefits of Canada PR Visa

  1. You may reside and do a job anywhere across the nation: As a permanent resident, there will be no restrictions on you to work for only a specific employer or in a specific province. You will have complete legal rights to live and work anywhere across the nation.
  2. You will have a right to use universal healthcare and social services: As a proud permanent resident, you will enjoy access to the nation’s universal healthcare & social services.
  3. You can offer sponsorship to your spouse & kids: With a PR Visa in your pocket, you will have the power to sponsor your other half, common-law partner, and dependent kids so that can join you in the overseas hotspot.
  4. You can get Canadian Citizenship & Passport: A PR Visa will put you on the path to the nation’s citizenship. After residing in the Maple Leaf Country for the mandatory three out of five years, you’ll have the qualifications to become a proud citizen.

Key Requirements of Canada PR Visa:

To become a proud resident in the nation, you will though have to first fulfill these primary requirements:

  1. Show that you have sufficient money to support your application and stay in the country with those moving with you.
  2. Produce your Educational credential assessment (ECA) report from the concerned assessing organization.
  3. Produce original copies and official translations of your certificates/papers that support your application.
  4. Produce your educational degrees and certificates along with personal identification documents and sponsor letters (if any).
  5. Produce Language test result report from the IELTS.
  6. Produce health and character certificates acquired from the relevant professionals.
  7. Not be more than 45 years old.

What are the different ways to get Canada PR visa?

Canada Immigration: Top Two Ways

  1. Express Entry Program: This fast-track online immigration system is tailor-made for skilled workers who are keen to move to the destination as permanent residents. Express Entry ranks applicants on the basis of their age, education, employment experience, and language abilities, and then picks-up the best applicants for movement. The system permits workers to bring their family members along. Express Entry is speedy, with nearly 80% of applications being processed in just 6 months or so.
  2. Canada Provincial Nominee Programs: Every of the nation’s 13 provinces and territories (barring Quebec) has its own immigration program, called a PNP. Presently, on offer, are close to 80 different PNPs across the nation, each with its own set of eligibility requirements. So, in case you have the qualifications for any, it could be the right vehicle for you for movement. Through the PNPs, the different Canadian provinces fulfill their individual economic requirements, via nominating certain candidates for the permanent resident position.

Canada PR Visa Process:

  1. Complete your Education credentials assessment (ECA)
  2. Get the required IELTS score.
  3. Create a profile for EE and submit your application.
  4. Register with the Job Bank (not obligatory).
  5. Apply for PNP (not obligatory).

Canada PR Visa: Points Breakage

  • Age: Max 12 points
  • Educational Qualifications: Max 25 points
  • Employment Experience: Max 15 points
  • Language Abilities: Max 28 points
  • Adaptability: Max 10 points
  • Arranged Employment: Max 10 points

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