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Australia is one of the leading immigration destinations. In fact, it’s placed right at the top in the list of the top overseas destinations. It’s not difficult to figure-out why. Whether it is economy or infrastructure or living standards or immigration policies or work opportunities, few nations can match Oz.

So, it’s hardly a matter of surprise that the Kangaroo Land is high on the radar of a sizeable section of migrants from far and wide–from India to Indonesia, from Sri Lanka to Senegal.

Now let’s talk about the benefits of Australia immigration, to further probe the roots of the nation’s widespread popularity!

Australia Immigration: Key Benefits
  1. Innumerable well-paying work opportunities: If you are skilled in one of the in-demand professions in Oz, you will find no dearth of rewarding employment opportunities here in this part of the world. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice. Importantly, the pay-package you will be offered will pleasantly surprise you. You will not get the kind of money usually offered in Down Under in any other part of the world.
  2. Cosmopolitan and friendly society: The Australian society is, by and large, cosmopolitan and welcoming. Not only you will feel welcome but also at home here as you will find people from different nationalities living and prospering in perfect harmony.
  3. Social care & government support: The Australian Government cares for its people, and so it provides various kinds of care and support to those who need it. Right from free or subsidized healthcare and educational facilities to unemployment grants and old age pension, the list of government supported help is long and impressive.
  4. World-class facilities & infrastructure: The Kangaroo Land will dazzle you with its facilities and infrastructure. From airports to roads, from public parks to markets, from railways to stadiums–every piece of facility and infrastructure will leave you in awe and in love with Oz.
  5. Right to live and work in any part of the country without any restrictions: With a Australia Permanent Resident Visa, you will enjoy the right to life and work across the nation, without any checks. In short, there will be no restrictions on your movement and you will have complete freedom to grow and prosper in this famed overseas hotspot.
Australia Immigration Process

So far we spoke about the benefits of immigration and key reasons behind the nation’s widespread popularity in the world, but how to migrate to the destination? What’s the process for it?

Well, Canberra and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) follow a Points Based System, called Australia PR Point System. Available under General Skilled Migration (GSM) known as SkillSelect this points system is tailored to screen and welcome skilled professionals from across the world to the nation’s shores, to fill the different job openings across various industries. While a total of 100 points are available under the system, it’s mandatory to score not less than 65 (earlier 60) points to become eligible for immigration.

Much like the Canadian Express Entry, SkillSelect offers points to the applicants on the basis of some pre-decided parameters, including age, education, language skills and work experience. Many skilled visa categories are available under SkillSelect and you can apply under any as per your specific requirements and skills.

If your profession is in-demand and mentioned on the latest Skilled Occupation List (SOL) even as you are well experienced with reasonably good English language skills, you have a high chance of finding acceptance for a Skilled Visa.

What the various ways to migrate to Australia are?

Various kinds of Skilled Migrant Visas are up-for-grabs under a number of visa sub classes even as these are the most widely known Skilled Migrant Visas:

  1. Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189: It’s a visa for those candidates who don’t need any sponsorship from an employer, or a state or territory administration in the Kangaroo Land.
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190: This Immigration Visa for Australia is obtainable to those who fulfill the requirements to get sponsorship from either a state or a territory administration.
  3. Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 489: This 4-year visa is for those who have sponsorship from either a state or territory administration, or a relative residing in a designated area.
Australia Immigration: Top 10 In-demand Professions for 2019-2020

While there are 100s of in-demand occupations, these are the topmost in-demand professions for the present period.

  • Registered Nurses
  • Software and Applications Programmers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters and Joiners
  • Secondary School Teachers
  • Metal Fitters and Machinists
  • Motor Mechanics
  • Livestock Farmers
  • Management consultant
  • Plumbers

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